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Student Visa and Health Insurance

Student Visa

Students who are not European (EU) citizens must apply for a student visa from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence, fulfilling the requirements for documentation requested by the visa authorities.

The students must have the visa stamped at the Immigration Department upon arrival in Spain, as the visa is invalid without the stamp. (link)

Health Insurance

  • Visit your doctor, optometrist and dentist for a complete examination before you leave.  

  • Check with your insurance provider to ensure that your coverage is valid while you are abroad and to understand how to make a claim should you need medical care while you are away. Some national plans may not cover you abroad so please make sure to find out about this before leaving your home country. 

  • It is always advisable to have direct coverage insurance to avoid having to pay up-front in Spain.

  • If you will be taking any medications abroad, pack an adequate supply in your carry-on luggage with a copy of the prescription, and check to be sure that the medications are legal in Spain.

  • In case of emergency, it is important that students carry a copy of proof of insurance with them at all times while living and travelling abroad.