International Relations Office


  • Language requirements

    • Bachelor/Undergraduate courses: No language requirements. But B2 level of Spanish is highly recommended if the student takes courses taught in Spanish.
    • Master/Graduate courses: B2 level Spanish certificate required.
    • Research internships: Spanish is not necessary for research internships at TECNUN or CEIT.

  • Language in the classroom

    A number of courses are taught in English, both at the undergraduate level and graduate level, and there are also some bilingual Spanish/English courses.
    The number of courses taught in English grows every year.

  • Pre-term Spanish classes

    The Institute of Language and Spanish Culture (ILCE) is part of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Navarra and since 1964 has offered courses in Spanish as a foreign language.

    This Institute is located in Pamplona, and it is also authorized to administer the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language test (DELE) by the Instituto Cervantes.

    More info about the Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Program is at:


  • Spanish classes at TECNUN

    TECNUN offers a Spanish Language course, which is an elective course worth 4 ECTS.
    There is a minimum and maximum number of participants, and groups are determined at the beginning of the semester by a level test.

  • Spanish classes off-campus

    You coul also learn Spanish through private language schools such as:

    Information: Calle Karmelo Etxegarai, 5 - 2º - 20018 San Sebastián
    Telephone: (+34) 943 317 999

    Information: Plaza Gipuzkoa, 2-1º (P.O.Box1075) - 20080 San Sebastián
    Telephone: (+34) 943 42 51 57 - Fax: (+34) 943 425292

    Information: Mundaiz 8 – 20012 San Sebastián
    Telephone: (+34) 943 32 66 80 - Fax: (+34) 943326822

    Information: Calle San Martin 50- San Sebastián
    Telephone: (+34) 943 452981