Graduate of Industrial Organization Engineering

Graduado en Ingeniería en Organización Industrial

How is it that all the McDonald’s restaurants in Spain are supplied from Madrid and never run out of anything? How does an industrial bakery prepare and store more than 100,000 cakes of various types and distribute them throughout Spain? How is it possible for a car manufacturer to now produce twice the number of units it produced 10 years ago without increasing its staff or investing in new machinery?

As a graduate of Industrial Organization Engineering, you’ll be an expert in organization and be capable of using a range of technologies, including information systems, to improve a company’s productivity. You’ll have the skills to plan, control and improve a container manufacturing process, or to improve a pizza delivery process in Rome. The knowledge applied to each one isn’t as different as you might think.

Moreover, your technical skills combined with your profile as a negotiator will enable you to carry out commercial management and purchasing roles. You’ll get involved in projects to launch new production plants, make improvements in warehouse organization and improve a plant’s layout and the quality of its processes. You’ll be capable of optimizing organization by implementing performance improvement systems in companies. You’ll be able to fill management positions in business units, and even perform general management and business management jobs, preferably in industrial companies, but also in the logistics sector.

Where will I work?

At any company seeking to improve its operational processes, in either industry or the service sector. At strategic consulting firms such as A.T. KEARNEY, ACCENTURE, MCKINSEY, KUTXA, CAJA LABORAL, HUMAN, OPE CONSULTORES, CAF, DELOITTE, BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP and EVERIS.

At companies with commercial technical departments that carry out in-house development activities.

Aportación a la sociedad

Tu mayor aportación será la de mejorar la productividad y el aprovechamiento de los recursos. Una gran aportación hoy en día ya que la mejora de la productividad permite disminuir costes y ser más competitivo. Una empresa que no mejore los procesos, es una empresa que desaparecerá.