PIE / Graduate Internship Program

The Program for Initiation to the Business World (PIE) is a postgraduate course offered by the University of Navarra. It aims to help young graduates enter the business world and start their careers through training in professional skills and aptitudes and the practical application of knowledge acquired at the university.

This academic training plan is a theoretical and practical course carried out remotely with the support of an educational advisor and a tutor appointed by the University and includes an internship at a company. Students who sign up are required to undertake both aspects of the program with the help of a scholarship from the University of Navarra.

Requirements for accessing the PIE Program

  1. Having completed an undergraduate or master’s degree at the University of Navarra or having fewer than 9 ECTS credits left to complete a degree.

  2. Having graduated within the previous three years.

  3. Not having made social security contributions in group 2 for more than three months after a year of completing a degree.

  4. Not having participated in this program or a similar one.

The program lasts for a minimum of three and a maximum of 12 months. When the program lasts less than a year, students can request term-long extensions up until they reach the maximum period allowed, as long as their participation in the program is uninterrupted. Applications for extensions must be submitted to the University 10 days before each period ends.

The period for applications is open permanently. New participants in the program are signed up on the 1st, 11th and 21st of every month.

Amount of the scholarship

Candidates who participate in the PIE Program will receive a scholarship from the University of Navarra. The minimum amount established by Tecnun School of Engineering is €750 per month. To that end, the company is required to make a contribution to the University’s scholarship fund to cover the amount of the scholarship before the program begins. The contribution made by the company must include the cost of enrolling in the Program for Initiation to the Business World (PIE) (€400 when the program lasts six months or less, and €560 when it lasts longer than six months). In addition, the University will bill the company for 18% of the amount of the contribution, plus VAT. Students receive scholarship payments monthly in arrears. The scholarship is subject to personal income tax retention at 2%, and the compulsory social security contributions corresponding to the student will be deducted.

The University of Navarra assumes the resulting legal obligations: social security contributions pursuant to Royal Decree 1493 of October 24, 2011, and personal income tax retention. Full payment of the last monthly installment of the scholarship is subject to the submission of an end-of-program report by students.

Medical cover

The University of Navarra will register students with the National Social Security Institute, and any sick leave must be reported. Students are covered by an accident and civil liability insurance policy.