International Foundation Program


Aim of the Tecnun Foundation Program

Within the Foundation Program at the University of Navarra,

Tecnun, the UN Engineering School, offers a training program and syllabus with the following aims in mind:

  • Foundation studies in Mathematics

  • Steadily gain a level in Mathematics corresponding to the 1st year of a degree course. The Calculus part of the Mathematics subject will be based over a year’s study rather than a term. This will ensure learning is more efficient.

  • Personalised learning when studying Calculus in a very small group, with close monitoring of students.

  • Gradual learning of basic concepts and Spanish

  • As subjects are distributed over the 1st year of Engineering in 2 years, basic engineering concepts will be better assimilated.

  • Concepts will be assimilated at the same time as advances are made in Spanish.

  • Improving student guidance towards different areas of engineering

  • With the help of the advisor assigned to the student, they will be guided towards the engineering degree that best suits their profile. Guidance will be complemented by the student’s participation in practical activities undertaken at Tecnun during the second semester of the academic year.

  • Getting into the habit of working and scientific study techniques

  • Gradually getting into the habit of working intensively as required of engineering studies.