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Tecnun profesor, Idoia Ochoa, among the 35 innovators in Europe in 2019, according to the Massachusetts Institute

Ochoa has been recognized for developing algorithms that facilitate the processing of genome data to boost personalized medicine

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La investigadora Idoia Ochoa en el campus de Tecnun FOTO: Servicio de Comunicación
10/01/20 10:10 Servicio de Comunicación

Idoia Ochoa, a profesor at Tecnun-School of Engineers at the University of Navarra, has been awarded by the MIT technology magazine, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among the 35 most innovative young Europeans of 2019. Since 1999, MIT Technology Review recognizes the talent of entrepreneurs from different countries that are developing new technologies to help solve the problems that affect society.

The magazine, founded in 1899, has recently published the list of innovative people in Europe in 2019, who are between 24 and 34 years of age, after being selected by an evaluation committee of 116 specialists from more than 1,000 candidates. Their projects cover a wide spectrum of emerging technologies and more than half of them are framed in the areas of Biotechnology or Medicine, as is the case of this engineer, recognized for developing algorithms that facilitate the processing of genome data to boost Personalized medicine.

Ochoa is a Telecommunications Systems Engineer. He got a scholarship to work in the United States and completed the master's and thesis at Stanford University. From there he became Assistant Professor at the University of Illinios in Urbana-Champaign, and is currently part of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Tecnun.

MIT Technology Review has had the help of more than 60 ambassadors in this European edition, influential people in the local ecosystems of the different countries of the continent that help the organization to look for and identify promising candidates.

It should be noted that MIT Technology Review is the oldest technology magazine in the world and the global authority in the future of internet technology, telecommunications

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