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Health insurance

Health insurance


EU citizens

EU citizens will need the European Heath Insurance Card or private insurance coverage.
Before travelling to Spain for a short stay - or to study - students should get a European Health Insurance Card from a statutory health insurer. This will enable students to receive any health care they might need during their stay at TECNUN.
The European Health Insurance Card proves entitlement to health care. It is the physical proof that the student is insured in an EU country and gives the same right to statutory health care as people insured in the country the student is in.
However, the European Insurance Card will not do the following:

  • The card will not help with repatriation. If the student wishes to have free transport back home after falling seriously ill or suffering a serious accident while visiting another EU country, separate insurance coverage is necessary.

  • The card does not cover for private sector health care or health care costs for planned treatmentin another EU country.

Non-EU citizens

Non-EU citizens will need private insurance coverage in Spain. Copies of these documents must be submitted to the embassy for your student visa application, as well as to the university.  
In case of emergency, it is important that students carry a copy of proof of insurance with them at all times while living and travelling abroad.