RORC Rolled – Only IN718 Ring-shaped components


The objective of this proposal is to develop and validate a robust and reliable ring-rolling-only route for manufacturing IN718 alloy near-net-shaped rotating aero-engine disk components, RORC (e.g., low-pressure turbine disks). The material and mechanical response of the RORC must comply with the current microstructural and mechanical requirements demanded for close-die forged disks with an economical advantage (more efficient use of raw material and lower manufacturing costs). The proposal represents the collaborative effort of an experienced company specialised in ring-rolling of superalloys and a technological research centre with great competence in thermo-mechanical processes analysis and modelling.

Development of an advanced predictive ring-rolling modelling tool is a pre-requisite for the success of the proposal; laboratory experiments will be performed for developing a predictive constitutive description of the behaviour of the alloy in conditions reproducing actual ring-rolling operation sequences. From the industrial part, full-size rings will be produced by rolling alone and tested back-to back with geometrically similar close-die forged (CDF) rings as demonstrators of the competitiveness of the new process route. The results of the project will also highlight the limits of the current ring-rolling technology and provide with clues for its further improvement.




Power point presentation – June 2014



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Rolled-Only IN718 Ring-shaped Components 

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