Academic and professional mentoring

Relación con las Empresas

Tecnun has relationships with over 300 Spanish and international companies with the goal of:

1. Enabling students to carry out internships, the Final Year Project and the Master’s Thesis Project.

2. Allowing companies to transfer knowledge by participating in different subjects.

3. Providing students enrolled in practical subjects with job opportunities.

4. Assessing the work carried out by students.

5. Allowing companies to collaborate on the design of the curriculum.

6. Enabling companies to present job opportunities during Tecnun’s Job Fair.

7. Carrying out coaching sessions. 

8. Conducting job interviews and group dynamics.

9. Enabling students to learn about companies through technology visits.


Some of these companies have closer links to Tecnun that allow for chairs and partnership agreements to be signed. This is the case of companies such as CAF, VOLKSWAGEN, TELEFÓNICA, INDAUX and SENER.

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