Graduate of Telecommunication Systems Engineering

Graduado en Ingeniería Sistemas de Telecomunicación

A graduate of Telecommunication Systems Engineering is an expert in transmitting information between different electronic devices. The information must be transformed in a user-friendly environment so it can be assimilated. An engineer with this degree will be responsible for making this happen.

One example is the Apple iPhone. A Telecommunication Systems Engineering graduate is not only an expert in all the communication protocols of this device, but is also responsible for designing the device’s navigation tools and telematics applications.

Would you like to be the person who designs the new generation of wireless communication systems? Can you imagine working for a company involved in managing the communications that take place on our planet? Would you like to understand how information is transmitted through ADSL? Look no further! This is the degree program for you.

Where will I work?

The range of electronics and telecommunications companies where you can develop your career is huge. In Spain, these companies include TELEFÓNICA, VODAFONE, INDRA, IKUSI, IBERMÁTICA, IKOR, CAF, SEAT and ACCIONA. At the international level, the possibilities are virtually endless and include SIEMENS, APPLE, NOKIA, BRITISH TELECOM, IBM, AUDI, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, CISCO SYSTEMS and SONY-ERICSSON.

Telecommunication systems engineers are also in demand in sectors such as R&D&I, consultancies and engineering firms. Furthermore, the number of industrial companies looking to improve their products by adding value in the form of telecommunications devices is on the rise. In other words, you’ll have the opportunity to work for a wide range of companies.

Aportación a la sociedad

No cabe duda que la sociedad actual es la sociedad de la información y la comunicación y dentro de ella las tecnologías de la comunicación y de la información tienen un papel importante, un papel que será el motor de las tecnologías del futuro.

Los graduados en  Ingeniería en Sistemas de Comunicación tendrían un claro protagonismo en este ámbito. La forma de gestionar la gran cantidad de información que se transmite, es de vital importancia hoy en día y hay que tener en cuenta que ese nivel de información aumentará en el futuro, por lo que ingenieros que sean capaces de diseñar sistemas de comunicación, gestionarlos y mejorarlos, serán personas con gran peso en la sociedad.

Otro campo donde podrás desarrollar tu futuro profesional si te decantas por este grado es el sector de los sistemas telemáticos y domóticos para crear casas inteligentes.