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Asignaturas Core Curriculum  

At the University of Navarra, the curriculum of each degree program includes different subjects that can be divided into two groups:

(a) The subjects of each degree program, which include specific subjects (e.g., Econometrics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics), as well as subjects that directly address the presuppositions and implications of the area of study (e.g., Professional Ethics and Bioethics).

(b) The Core Curriculum (CC), which is the same for all degree programs and includes a set of required general subjects. In this way, all students acquire the knowledge considered essential by the University of Navarra, regardless of the degree program they are studying. The aim is not simply to provide students with professional training, but to help them become well-rounded individuals. The Core Curriculum provides a humanistic education, encourages the spirit of solidarity and promotes the development of critical thinking so that students can freely develop their own convictions.

Core Curriculum subjects (CC) currently account for 18 ECTS credits.

There are three separate blocks of Core Curriculum subjects (CC):

  • First academic year: Anthropology (6 ECTS credits).

  • Third academic year: Ethics (6 ECTS credits).

  • First and third academic years: Cultural Keys (6 ECTS credits), choice of two subjects from those offered by each School: one of the current Cultural Keys subjects in the first year and the second Cultural Keys elective in the third year.


Instituto Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum Institute is responsible for teaching the Core Curriculum subjects offered in all University of Navarra degree programs. 


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