Final Year Project / Master’s Thesis Project: Information for students

The Final Year Project / Master’s Thesis Project is a required subject that students can undertake at a company. To ensure that it is considered to be an Academic Project, it must be approved by the professor responsible for the Final Year Project / Master’s Thesis Project at Tecnun School of Engineering.

Depending on the subject and content of the project, the professors are:

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Undergraduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Iñigo Puente (ipuente@tecnun.es)

  • Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development: Prof. Mabel Rodríguez (mirodriguez@tecnun.es)

  • Undergraduate Degree in Biomedical Engineering: Prof. Javier Aldazabal (jaldazabal@tecnun.es)

  • Undergraduate Degrees in Electronic Communications Engineering, Telecommunication Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electronics Engineering: Prof. Joaquín de Nó (deno@tecnun.es)

  • Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering: Prof. Nicolás Serrano (nserrano@tecnun.es)

  • Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Technology Engineering: The students enrolled in this degree may choose any of the topics defined for the undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Industrial Electronic Engineering for which they have the necessary knowledge.

Master’s Degrees

  • Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering: Prof. Iñigo Puente (ipuente@tecnun.es)

  • Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering: Prof. Joaquín de Nó (deno@tecnun.es)

  • Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering: Prof. Javier Aldazabal (jaldazabal@tecnun.es)

In addition to the aforementioned areas, projects may be carried out in the areas of materials and environmental engineering. The professor responsible will assess candidates’ suitability to carry out this type of project. The professor responsible for the materials area is Javier Aldazabal and the professor responsible for the environment area is Ion Irizar.

The professor responsible for projects will assign an Academic Tutor to monitor the project.

Final Year Project website

Administrative process

External academic internships carried out by university students are regulated by the provisions of Royal Decree 592 of July 11, 2014, and Royal Decree 1791 of December 30, 2010, which approved the University Students Statute and applicable legislation. Given the academic nature of such internships, no employment relationship is established between the company and the student. Instead, internships take place through a partnership agreement between the University of Navarra and the company.

While they undertake projects, students are covered by an accident and civil liability insurance policy, in addition to the insurance provided to all students under the age of 28 who are enrolled at Tecnun School of Engineering. The accident insurance policy provides nationwide coverage in Spain only.

Students who are interested in undertaking the Final Year Project / Master’s Thesis Project at a company can view the offers published on the University of Navarra’s Careers Portal and apply for any internships that may appeal to them. All students have their own profile on this portal, where they can upload their résumé, cover letter and any documents they deem necessary.

Once a student has applied for a project, the company will automatically receive his or her résumé. From that moment on, the company will contact the student if it considers him or her to be a suitable candidate. Once the company has selected the candidate, the internship documentation will be issued.

What if a student finds a project on his or her own initiative?

In this case, the company is required to publish the offer on the University of Navarra’s Careers Portal, including the name of the candidate it has selected, so that the internship documentation can be processed.

Economic considerations

Remuneration for students undertaking projects is voluntary. In the event that a company decides on remuneration, it should pay the student directly.

As of July 2013, the regulations concerning social security contributions set out in Royal Decree 1493/2011 make it obligatory to register students who carry out paid internships. The company will be responsible for paying students directly and registering them with the National Social Security Institute. Internships relating to the Final Year Project / Master’s Thesis Project, however, are part of the curriculum and are thus exempt from social security contributions.


At the end of the internship, the company will issue a certificate to the student. This certificate will include express mention of the training the student received, the duration of the internship and how the student performed.

For more information, please contact:

External Relations Service
Despacho C11
Tel. (+34) 943 219877
Attn: Elisabeth Urcelay (ext. 2421)