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The aim of TECNUN- School of Engineering of San Sebastián, which forms part of the University of Navarra is to contribute to the professional, scientific and human training of future engineers. Since its creation, in the spring of 1961, it  has maintained a balance between teaching, research and service to society,  ensuring that these activities complement each other.

It currently has two campuses: the oldest headquarters, located on the university campus of Bº de Ibaeta,  is made up of the laboratory buildings, the teaching and main  building completed in 1989, and a multi-purpose building, built in 1996.

The other headquarters is located in the Miramón Technology Park and  brings together the research classrooms and laboratories of the Electricity, Electronics and Communications areas.

 During the 2009/2010 course, TECNUN students were the first to adapt to the new study program, in accordance with the Bologna Plan, being able to choose between nine different grades, two of  which were newly created - Biomedical Engineering and Engineering in Industrial Design and Development of Products - while carrying out other training activities (seminars, courses and master programs) aimed at postgraduates.

Scientific work at the School of Engineers is carried out in collaboration with researchers from the Center for Technical Studies and Research of Gipuzkoa (CEIT), with which TECNUN shares the laboratories and  library.  Thus, scientific research, which is necessary in a university institution, is complemented by practical interest.