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English Center



Welcome to the English Center.

The English center’s main objective is to offer language support to professors, staff and students at Tecnun.

For students, as future Engineers, English is as essential as Math, it is not an option! If you want a good job in the future, you need English! Whether or not you can speak English is one of the first things your potential employer is going to ask you.

Tecnun offers 20% of its courses in English so it is the English Center’s responsibility to ensure a high quality level of English from our professors as well as offering the possibility of our students the chance to improve their English.


Carol Cullinane
Head of English Center. Coordinator of Bilingual Program

General contact:
Tecnun. Escuela de Ingenieros.
20018 Donostia-San Sebastián. Gipuzkoa. Universidad de Navarra. P° de Manuel Lardizabal, 13.

Tel. +34 943 21 98 77
Ext. 2504


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