myUNAV portal for access to the Academic Information Portal

As of June 11, 2018, students can access the Academic Information Portal through myUNAV. This portal allows students to do the following:

  • View grades: final grades for subjects taken in the current year.

  • View academic transcripts: final grades for subjects taken in the current year and in previous years. The bottom of the academic record indicates students’ official GPA, the total number of ECTS credits they have passed and are enrolled in, and the number of ECTS credits required to complete the degree program.

  • Obtain academic transcript reports

  • View the curriculum: a complete list of students' curriculum subjects they are enrolled in, with information about the schedule and professor for each subject, and the number of places still available.

  • Obtain information on mentoring: name of the student’s current mentor.

  • Make formal requests: on academic matters (e.g., change of mentor, withdrawal from an exam session). Find out the status of requests.

  • Obtain information on performance and GPA at the School: students’ academic performance by academic year, including the number of ECTS credits passed in ordinary and extraordinary exam sessions each academic year. This also includes the student’s GPA at the School and class rank. The class rank is shown only for students who have passed all subjects in their degree program, except for the Final Year Project.

  • Generate schedules: this allows students to view a simulation of their schedule. The subject tree does not include subjects already passed. The schedule shown corresponds to the current academic year.

  • Check status prior to self-enrollment: students can consult their status in terms of the enrollment requirements for the next academic year to check if all subjects in the previous academic year were passed, the self-enrollment period is open and all documentation has been submitted.

  • Carry out self-enrollment: enrollment for a new academic year.

  • View a schedule report: students can view their schedule for an academic year (PDF file).

  • Obtain information on scholarships and financial aid: students can check whether they meet all the academic requirements to obtain a scholarship (required number of ECTS credits and minimum GPA to be eligible for financial aid).

  • Modify personal details

  • Obtain excellence loan certificates (for students enrolled and involved in the program): the certificate is required to continue in the program.

  • Obtain excellence loan certificates: information and requirements for accessing the program.

  • Read an introduction to the degree programs

  • Obtain information on degree programs: characteristics, employment prospects and specific training.