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Fostering Talent

This training program allows students to acquire skills that are not strictly technical.

It offers training through activities designed to provide a first-rate university experience.

The activities focus on three areas: innovation and research, professional excellence, and social commitment.

  • The INNOVATION AND RESEARCH area involves participation in the RTP (Research Training Program) as a student intern in a department at Tecnun School of Engineering or the Center of Studies and Technical Research (CEIT). Student interns are provided with an opportunity to gain firsthand experience by collaborating on a research project. Student interns can carry out their work in their first or second term, or after their exams.

  •  The SOCIAL COMMITMENT AND SOLIDARITY area involves participation in one of the following volunteer activities. The volunteering option is available in both the first and second terms, provided that students meet the minimum number of hours established:

  • ASPACE (a cerebral palsy charity)

  • HAZI ETA IKASI (school support)

  • ACOMPAÑAMIENTO EN LA SOLEDAD (to provide support for the elderly)

  • LET’S SMILE (performances in hospitals and children’s homes)

  • IMPROVING WORLD (needs-based design)



  • KOOPROMISE (engineering applied to cooperation)

  • SUPPORT CLASSES (classes to help first-year students with difficulties)

  • The PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE area involves choosing one of the following training series organized by Tecnun or one of the University’s Halls of Residence. They are not time-consuming and are very interesting. Taking part in an Erasmus program is also an option, since some series take place during the first term and others during the second term.

  • Managerial Skills Series: Four sessions (two per term).

  • Cultural Series organized by Ayete Hall of Residence and Jaizkibel Hall of Residence (each series consists of three sessions).

  • Research Conference (compulsory in one of the two years of the program): One roundtable discussion and one session with an explanation about the Tecnun/CEIT departments and projects. February.

Requirements for admission:

  • A minimum GPA of 1.8.

  • Completion of the online form.

  • Application submitted for a student intern appointment in the RTP.

To continue in the program, students must demonstrate their commitment by maintaining good academic performance (Tecnun GPA higher than 1.8) and providing proof that they have participated in the three areas of the program at the end of the academic year.

To ensure that the program is reflected on their academic transcript, students must participate for two years.

Deadline for applications: OCTOBER 16



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