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Academic and professional mentoring

Academic and professional mentoring

1. What is mentoring?

Academic and professional mentoring for students is an ordinary teaching activity that involves interpersonal communication between professor and student. 

It represents a key aspect of the University of Navarra’s educational role. It forms a part of every professor’s job and every student has a right to receive it.

2. Why attend mentoring sessions?

The objective of mentoring is to ensure that students play a central role in their own academic, professional and personal aspirations at the university and in university life to enable them to serve society more effectively.

Companies, especially in business, are increasingly basing their recruitment processes on social skills and attitudes, rather than exclusively on academic records and technical skills. Receiving personalized assistance through mentoring sessions enables students to grow by identifying their strengths, as well as the aspects that require particular work or attention.

Mentoring is not an ad hoc activity designed to respond to a specific need at any time, nor should it be used whenever students encounter serious academic problems. It is a permanent relationship between professor and student intended to benefit both parties.

3. How is mentoring carried out?

Mentoring is carried out through personal interviews that are held occasionally or follow a regular schedule.

4. Who is my mentor?

Mentors are assigned by the Tecnun Office of Student Affairs. All students have the right to attend or not attend academic mentoring sessions, and to request a change of mentor. Changes should be requested by sending a formal request through the Academic Information Portal.

5. Can I create a skills development plan through mentoring?

Tecnun offers its students the option of an assessment to identify their skills profile and therefore develop a personalized improvement plan based on their strengths and areas for improvement.  Information on this program, known as TU&CO, is available on the website The assessment may be requested from mentors starting in the second academic year.