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Raluca Bastucescu

"This is one of the most beautiful cities to do an exchange at!"

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Raluca Bastucescu FOTO: Cedida

The moment I arrived in San Sebastián I knew I was going to extend my stay .... And that is exactly what I did in my first week at Tecnun…Here I am nearly one year later completing my final exams at Tecnun... Time really flies.

There is definitely something magical about this city...I fell in love with the cultural, the language, the food (pintxos & sweets), the beaches, the mountains, and the architecture...just to name a few things...honestly this is one of the most beautiful cities to do an exchange at! 

Tecnun is an awesome University. The classes are small and the professors are always there to answer and help you if you have any doubts.  I completed several subjects in Spanish and English. My level of Spanish is a work in progress, however, as I mentioned, the professors were always there to help! 

The international program at Tecnun allowed me to meet new people from around the world and make new friends. This program organized a few trips, such as a coastal walk to a beautiful beach nearby called Zarautz & a traditional Cider House dinner.

I’m definitely going to miss San Sebastián, especially riding my bike past Playa La Concha…oh that view!!!

I’d like to thank all the teachers and students that I’ve met along the way and have helped me with my subjects - you have definitely made my stay a lot easier.

As the Basque would say...Agur...for now.