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Tom Wang

"San Sebastian is deep in my mind and each one of you there has a special place in my heart".

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Tom Wang
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Six months’ Erasmus was one of the most amazing experiences in my student life. When I started to type these words, almost every single detail of my life in San Sebastian turned out to flash in my minds and brought me back to the laid-back Spanish town. My exchange didn’t only serve as an opportunity to live another life in a new city, but as a gift which brought me new understandings towards this world through the laughter, tears, adventures and challenges.

San Sebastian not only provides one of the most fantastic beaches in Europe but also enjoys the fame of “the city most concentrated with Michelin restaurants”. The considerable varieties of Basque food in Parte Antigua never failed to fascinate me. Every Thursday’s Pinxo Pote was a relaxing moment for the people in the town. Bars were occupied by the young and students gathered together with alcohol and parties. Compared to the “noisy” Basque nightlife, lying on the beach and spending the whole afternoon taking sunbath was another typical scene in San Sebastian. Each summer, La Concha is full of people coming here to enjoy the gift offered by the sea and the sun. Up till now, San Sebastian is still my favorite Spanish city where I would seize every chance to go back one day.

The city is not all about party and alcohol here. Having studied in the engineering school of the University of Navarra, I met quite a few conscientious professors and a great many nice friends. Javier Ganuza and Estibaliz Oliva from the international office made every their effort to make Tecnun a home for exchange students. Jose Maria, my professor of Electronica Potencia, always tried to use English to explain the theories to me again after class. Jeff Diamond, whom I will thank all my life, helped me a lot with my Spanish as well as my further application to the USA. At the very beginning of the semester, my Spanish was so basic that I even had problem having lectures and in the language class, I almost ranked the worst among all the exchange students. Jeff would often spend his extra tutoring me and as a learned American professor, he provided valuable advice on my postgraduate application and future career path. Students in Tecnun are hospitable and I found my staying there an eye-opening experience. I made friends with Europeans, Latinos, Asians, and Americans. I found myself immersed in such an international circle mingling with such a variety of students from a diversity of cultures. Probably it is hard to find another period of life as enriching as this one.

San Sebastian is deep in my mind and each one of you there has a special place in my heart.